Rowan Courses

The Undergraduate Courses

These are undergraduate courses at the Rowan main campus in Rowan Hall, and graduate courses taught at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center.  Click on the course below for its web page:

*      Electronics I for ECE

*      Electronics I for M.E.

*      Sophomore Clinic II

Courses taught prior to the current semester:

*      Fall 2006

*      Graduate Courses are linked on the Fall 2006 page.


Click on the links in the course names in the bullets below to go to the pages for the course modules.  Click on the links to left for relevant pages, and files for use in the courses.  The course module pages have synopses, schedules, and links to PDF files relevant to the courses, including course materials as they become available.




A Bottle Rocket Launch


Post-Semester Reports

A Microcontroller Based Breath Analyzer

After the semester ended I wrote another version of the lab protocol for the Breath Analyzer that was given as Lab 6 in Electronics I for ECE.

A High-Performance Audio Amplifier

The audio amplifier used as a design and analysis laboratory exercise in Electronics I for ECE has been carried to its logical conclusion.  It's a file-chip solution with Li-Ion battery, DNR, and an LED light show.

Page for these reports

Post-Semester Reports