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ECE Student Individual Lab Toolkit


This lab kit is available from Circuit Specialists.  Their web site is


The list below includes tools that a student should have in their personal toolkit to be able to function in the ECE lab. This has assumed that you are at a lab workstation and have access to the meter, scope, power supply, etc. The part numbers and prices are for Circuit Specialists.  You can purchase comparable tools from any reputable supplier.  They must be housed in a plastic tool box which can be latched or locked and which has been permanently marked with your name and contact information


Tool                                                     Part Number                Price   

Wireless protoboard including bus strips and jumpers, WP-104-1+J, $14.79


Kit with wire stripper/crimper, needle nose, and DVM, TK9901, $15.95


General purpose screwdriver, nutdriver, and accessory toolkit with parts storage tube, 23-568, $9.95  


By the second lab, every team must have at least one completed toolkit for inspection or the lab grade of the team will be reduced by 5 points.  By the fourth lab two completed kits must be on hand and by lab 6 all members of the lab team must have their own tool kit available for inspection or lab grades of the individuals with inadequate tool boxes will be reduced.