Networks I - Lab Section 6: Mondays 12.15-3.00 pm



Lab Assignment 4 -       Lab 4 due: Monday, 9 October 2006




Lab 4 - Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits


Objectives: There are four main objectives in this lab.  The first objective is to develop Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits analytically.  The second is to build the circuit shown in Figure 1 and its Thevenin equivalent on the breadboard and determine that the circuits are equivalent. The third objective is below.


Figure 1 - Circuit diagram



2. Find the Thevenin and Norton equivalents of the circuit in Figure 1 analytically where Vin=8V, R1=2.4 kΩ, R2=2.4 kΩ, and R3=1.8 kΩ.  Breadboard the following circuit and see if your calculations are correct. (Remember to connect the black wire to ground!!)    Include all work with the lab report.


3. Design the previous schematic, its Thevenin equivalent, and its Norton equivalent in Mentorgraphics and determine if the same results appear.  Take snapshots of these and include them with your lab report.


4.  Finally, develop your own circuit with at least six (6) resistors and having at least two in series and two in parallel.  Find out its parameters on the breadboard, calculate its Thevenin and Norton equivalent in Mentorgraphics and demonstrate that its terminal characteristics are duplicated in your lab set up (by its original design and its Thevenin equivalent).  Show your lab proctor your circuit and its Thevenin equivalent before breaking down your setup.