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Tutoring by the IEEE

These student volunteers will support your tutoring needs by appointment through the Rowan Tutoring Center or by special arrangement.  Group tutoring and studying sessions are recommended.

*      Peter Renner, who also tutors at the Tutoring Center in Savitz Hall on the 3rd floor.  Click the link for drop-in hours and instructions on making appointments.

*      Ryan Fillman suggests group arrangements, such as the week before an exam or a group catch-up session.

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Rowan University Links

*      Main Rowan Site

*      FAA-Rowan Pilot Program

*      College of Engineering Graduate Program

*      Rowan WebCT Logon page

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Never buy a textbook unless immediate shipment is offered from a reputable bookstore.  Deferred shipment of textbooks most often is a way of speculating on dropping prices after the term starts.  If the speculator doesn't get a deal that he can make money with, he simply will never ship.   This means you can get the book sooner and cheaper yourself, or you can wait for someone to send you a book in a few weeks if he can make money on what you offered to pay him.

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*      Rowan University Bookstore is the place to start.

*      Barnes & Noble often the best price for immediate shipment of new books.

*      Amazon the 800-pound gorilla of bookstores, with used book outlets.

*      Op-Amp has been selling mail-order longer than there has been an Internet.

Schaum’s Outlines

Text-quality inexpensive paperbacks with a lot of examples and many, many worked problems.  Excellent as a study aid, review, or self-teaching.  Featured books:

*      Linear algebra, by Lipshutz and Lipson, Easy Outline ISBN 0-07-139880-5; full size ISBN 0-07-136200-2

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Course Related Materials


*      Wikipedia entry on “Diode

*      Wikipedia entry on “Diode Modeling

*      Wikipedial entry on “SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis)”

*      Electronics Express page on resistor color codes

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Parts and Tools

Electronics Express; small lots of parts, tools, instruments, attuned to the educational market

Curcuit Specialists; educational parts, project boards and vectorbords, component kits, tools, power supplies

Resistors If you are an OEM business looking for high precision resistors, look to Riedon. 

Printed Circuit Boards
We specialize in manufacturing Quickturn Printed Circuit Boards for businesses looking for high quality boards at competitive prices.

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General Interest

89.7 WGLS FM, Rowan’s Radio Station


Netscape download page.  The install file will then download the browser installation files (broadband only, for reasonable download times) or you can order the CD-ROM.

Microsoft Internet Explorer latest version is available through a link on this page.  Run Windows Update after you install this to make sure that you have the latest security updates.

Firefox and other Mozilla and Gecko based browsers for multiple platforms.

AnyBrowser has online checks for browser compatibility.  Please report any problems with this site with any browser to me at my Temple e-mail or the mailto link on my Outside Web Site.

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Fortran 2003 offers binaries for Windows, Linux, Sun, Mac OS/X and many other platforms, and source code for build under the Gnu public license.

J3 Committee home page has links to a free Fortran 2003 standard as a  PDF file  or to buy a copy of the Fortran 95 standard Free download, or buy a CD-ROM and book on a freeware F compiler.  F is a FORTRAN 95 subset.  An excellent two-hour tutorial of various levels is incorporated into the compiler interface.  The book and CD-ROM are $20 each.

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Economical Matlab Compatible Analysis

O-Matrix, a similar tool that can read and execute Matlab m-files.  They guarantee Matlab 4 compatibility.  The current Mathworks release is 7.1 but most engineering modeling and analysis scripts are Matlab 4 compatible.  Cost is very affordable; and educational discounts are available.

Mathworks, the publisher of Matlab and SumuLink

Eagleware-Elanix, the publisher of SystemView and GENSYS, now a division of Agilent.

Dr. Beard’s personal site See for links to engineering languages, etc.

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