Electronics I for ECE


Instructor:    James K Beard                                            RH 238A

Text:               Microelectronic Circuits and Devices, Mark N Horenstein

Time:              Tuesday, Thursday 10:50 AM to 12:05 PM       RH 239

Lab:                Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:40 AM                   RH 204/206


First Priorities

You must have the Text.  ISBN 0-13-701335-3, $104.60 from Amazon; paperback edition for $80.00.  Anyone who does not have the text, please see me.

Background and Prerequisites

*      Linear algebra

*      Elementary complex variables

*      Differential and integral calculus

*      Networks I


Page 9, Exercises 1.1, 1.5

Page 13, Exercise 1.12

Notation Conventions

Lines that cross or intersect with a back dot marking the intersection are connected.


Lines that cross without a black dot may not be connected.  Usually a loop in one of the wires will be used to emphasize that the wires are not connected.  If you can't tell, ask.


The notation that I will use is shown below in Table 1.  Note that I use a square for current sources, but that the conventional notation used in the text is a circle.  Also note that a diamond is used for controlled sources, both voltage and current.


Table 1.  Voltage and Current Source Notation


Circuit Diagram Notation

Voltage sources

Circles, with "+" and "-" signs in them

Current sources

Squares, with an arrow in them

Controlled voltage sources

Diamonds, with "+" and "-" signs in them

Controlled current sources

Diamonds, with an arrow in them




Figure 1  Schematic Notation Conventions for Crossing wires and Sources





Course Materials


*      Monday, January 16:  Assignment Page 9, Exercises 1.1, 1.5; Page 13, Exercise 1.12 ; read Chapter 1


1.1              On one set of axes, plot the v-i characteristic of a resistor value 1 k, 5k, and 20 k.  Use Figure 1.3 at the top of page 5 as an example.  Note that the v-i characteristic of a simple resistor is a straight line that passes through the origin, and has a slope of 1/R.

1.2             STUDY PROBLEM, NOT IN ASSIGNMENT:  Plot the v-i equation of the circuit of Figure 1.4 page 5 (a voltage source of 5 V in series with a 1 k resistor) if the value of the resistor  is changed from 1 k to 10 k.  [Answer:  ]

1.5             Find the value of  in Figure 1.5 page 7 (see below) if , , , and . [Answer: -13V]

1.12         Plot the v-i equation of the circuit of Figure 1.11 page 10 (see below) if  is changed from  to .  [Answer:  , .